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New EP

We’re back! No, seriously we actually are this time. We are so very happy to announce we have a new release soon to be sent out into the wild. Through the heatwaves of the summer of ’22 we took some time to reflect on a difficult year and penned five songs for a new EP. 

We’ve had a lot on our minds this year and the new music reflects that. We’re very happy with how it’s turned out and are very excited to share it with all of you soon.

History’s Tale

After the lavish production of our debut album, we’ve decided to go with a more stripped-back and intimate collection of songs, partly to make them practical to perform and partly because the songs asked for it.

It will be a digital release only at this stage and free to download to all our lovely mailing list members, so if you’re not on it yet sign up HERE.

It’s highly likely that these songs will end up on CD at some point but not just yet.


Happily, we are also finally returning to the stage. We’re going to be road-testing the new material at select open mics across Bristol. These will be our first real live outings as Hangover Square, this band began as a Lockdown labour-of-love and now we need to set it free.


We will be planning and announcing an EP launch party during which we’ll play all the new songs and most of the material from our debut album too. We’ll be performing as a duo for the foreseeable future but hope to add other musicians as and when appropriate. The launch will be somewhere in our hometown of Bristol so keep an eye on our Tour page HERE and our socials for details.

Everyone who attends the launch party will be entitled to a free download of the new EP and will also have the chance to buy a CD and limited edition vinyl of our debut album ‘Painting With An Open Heart’. 


As our minds escape to romantic climates and bathe in the sea of impossible dreams we hope our songs provide you with some entertainment, something to think about, and a welcome distraction from the pesky real world!

EP Release Date: TBA

EP Launch Party: Date & Venue TBA

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